In 1994, the Center for Reuniting Families purchased Alpine Meadows Camp in the San Bernardino National Forest where families and children of all ages could get away from their quick-paced lifestyle and take time together to establish deeper bonds, to heal and re-envision their lives.

From 1995 until 2005 Alpine Meadows Camp served over 100,000 teens, children and adults.

In 1997, Martin Sheen volunteered his services and crew to film a commercial for the work being done at Alpine Meadows Camp.

In 2003 the Board of Directors of the Center for Reuniting Families realized that the long-term health of the family unit is based at a deep and practical level on the health of the community.

Contemporary communities have become increasingly impersonal in nature and often seem more oriented towards consumption and driven by values that favor monetary gain over personal health and satisfaction. Add to this a fairly continuous inundation by an increasingly impersonal media and you almost have a recipe for familial disconnection. CRF decided that, going forward, healing the child and the family would mean taking a broader, more integrated approach.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between the health of humans, their communities and natural systems, the board of directors of the Center for Reuniting Families decided to sell Alpine Meadows Camp and begin a state-wide search for property that would be better suited to supporting this broader mission of integrated and sustainable development, practices and education.

In 2006 the Center for Reuniting Families purchased purchased their new home: the property that has become Dancing Deer Farm in Templeton, California, a verdant acreage that features rolling hills, stands of old oaks and forest trails. The property featured a few existing buildings which meant that CRF could begin moving forward with their plans immediately.

2006 to the present:

From the purchase of Dancing Deer Farm until the present the board of directors have allocated most funds to upgrading the infrastructure of the property in order to accommodate CRF’s demonstration and educational goals. However, the goal was always to hit the ground running, with even interim structures and expenditures supporting activities by and for the Foundation.

Here is a list of some of the things we’ve been up to since the Center for Reuniting Families moved to Templeton:

• Providing 25 acres of agricultural land to a local farmer to plant and research the production of organic heirloom grains

• Providing a location during the spring and summer for over 60 beehives to help re-introduce them into our local environment

• Community and family oriented tree planting, organic farming and natural building demonstrations

• Hands-on field trips for students

• Workshops and seminars related to sustainable living, farming, and the like.

• Opportunities for young adults to work and learn in a hands-on organic farm program at Dancing Deer Farm through WWOF-USA (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

• We are currently working with the non-profit organization, The Endeavor Institute, in partnership with Cal Poly and Questa College, to provide a permanent location for their solar powered, educational observatory and telescope, offering a priceless opportunity on the central coast for children and adults to learn more about our universe.

It’s an exciting time and, in so many ways, we feel as though we’ve only just begun!

2975 Vineyard Drive, Templeton, California 93465 • Telephone (805) 434-3200